English Tutoring


Our one-on-one program will match you with a trained, volunteer tutor who will help you achieve your personal goals. Our tutors include university students, teachers, professionals, trades workers and retired people. They work with professional teachers who will help you set up your own program of study. Many of our tutors have ESL training and experience. Their goal is to help you communicate better with friends and co-workers, find and keep a good job, or achieve success in higher education.

English language tutoring for English speakers
Our tutors can help you learn to read and write so you can fill out a job application or complete a written driver’s license test. When you are ready, we have lots of easy to read books with great stories to suit a variety of interests.

Once you have made further progress, they can also help you improve your grammar and punctuation. Eventually, they will help you to write short stories yourself, stories about your life or views on topics widely talked about in the community or on the news.

If you need to write high school level tests or college entrance exams, our English tutoring will help prepare and provide you with sample questions and tests to ensure that when you sit down to write the official test, you are capable of passing it.

English language tutoring for those who grew up speaking another language
For learners who speak no English at all, tutors will start by going through picture dictionaries with their learners so they can learn new words. They will focus on words everyone uses all the time, as well those related to subjects the learner is most interested in. Some words might be nouns related to food and household supplies to make shopping easier; some might be street names and directional words to help you get around town. Other words may be related to health care and schooling to help parents communicate with their doctor or their children’s teachers. They might be words related to the type of job that a learner hopes to find here.

Tutors will spend a lot of time speaking with the learner in very plain language, using different words and pictures until they are understood. They will ask lots of simple questions and will help the learner find the words to answer them. Learners are encouraged to tell their tutors what they want to talk about. They might want to learn about hockey or talk about a television show they enjoy watching. The idea is to engage them in a conversation they are interested in. As learners progress and gain confidence, tutors will help them write basic paragraphs.
Every Monday from 1:00PM to 2:00PM we hold a very popular conversation club. English Learners of all levels are welcome. Group facilitators, Bonnie and Elaine encourage and help participants engage in fun conversation and language oriented games. Come out to improve your English, make friends and have fun!